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"Ellie Mallek is a beauty consultant for L'Bri Pure and Natural Skin Care. Ellie shares her personal journey of how working with L'Bri transformed her life and helped her achieve a better, more exciting lifestyle. Her passion is to improve the lives of those she encounters, with L'Bri's fabulous products helping numerous individuals, from women with dry, dehydrated skin looking younger to teenagers with improved self-confidence after their severe acne clears up.

Ellie emphasizes that L'Bri is a company that genuinely cares for each person involved and invites you to join their family, whether as a customer or consultant. L'Bri's skincare products contain no harsh chemicals, oils, or waxes, benefiting every skin type. Instead, they use aloe, vitamins, and botanicals to nourish the skin.

At L'Bri, products are developed using the perfect balance of nature and science, combining the finest botanicals with the latest technology to create highly effective products. L'Bri's products work together to improve the health and beauty of your body and skin.

Ellie enjoys helping people look their best with L'Bri products and is seeking motivated individuals to join her as consultants. She sees this as an incredible opportunity to share and demonstrate the best beauty products in the cosmetic and skincare industry. L'Bri offers unlimited potential for growth and income, making it an ideal partner for those who wish to take control of their destiny and build a successful business.

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Our Story

Born two days apart in the same hospital, Brian and Linda Kaminski were destined to be partners from the beginning.

Linda grew up watching her parents struggle to make ends meet as they worked industrial careers. Longing for something more, they came to America with little money, big ideas, and the unwavering belief that success comes not from a handout but from hard work and discipline. Like her parents, Linda became a risk-taker and relished pushing boundaries as she grew up. Her free spirit and love of learning inspired her not to conform to tradition but carve her own path. Where other young women wanted to get married and have children, Linda set her sights on a family and a career. She defined success as independence, choices, and financial security –– and that only came from being able to depend on herself. This trailblazing thinking was ahead of her time and changed the trajectory of her life.

Just miles apart, Brian also had a childhood rooted in resilience and the strength of family. His father was born into poverty and worked in factories before becoming a chiropractor. His mother was a hairdresser. Like Linda, Brian grew up wanting more for his life. Despite their hardships, his parents exuded positivity and taught him to put people first, and success will follow. From them, Brian learned the law of attraction: You get from the world what you give to it. His father instilled the belief that you are what you think about, and Brian could think of nothing but creating a better life for himself.

As fate would have it, the two grew up together and married at 20 years old. Linda took a job in an office, and Brian worked in a foundry. Two years later, their lives changed forever when a friend introduced them to a direct cosmetics seller. An entrepreneurial fire they didn’t even know was burning, ignited. Both were unfulfilled in their full-time jobs. They were intrigued by the flexibility and financial freedom of the direct-selling business model. Linda threw herself into learning everything she could about the company. A quick study, she turned her love of beauty products into a booming business and, within just a couple of years, achieved top sales awards. They were on their way.

While Linda built their business, Brian worked behind the scenes and became a student of the industry. Led by their servant's hearts, the couple committed to a mantra they live by today: If you help enough people get what they want, you’ll get what you want. Over the next few years, their direct selling career ebbed and flowed with the economy. It was exhausting yet, with each challenge and company, they cultivated a keen understanding of how to run a business, from product development and supply chain to operations and human resources.

Then, something devastating happened. Brian suffered burns from a molten metal accident and was rushed to the hospital burn unit. After weeks of seeing no improvement––the medications were suffocating his skin, not healing it––Linda took matters into her own hands, literally. She remembered the healing effects of Aloe, having used it on Brian’s sunburns in the past. She covered his burns in natural Aloe, only to have him awake the next morning looking and feeling better. With each day, his burns improved a little more. And as they did, so did Linda’s belief in the power of this precious plant. Once again, she was onto something.

Ever tenacious, Linda studied the beauty space and discovered that most major cosmetic companies were formulating with ingredients that did more harm to the skin than good. She became passionate about creating a skincare regimen for all skin types using aloe vera as the foundational ingredient––specifically, Aloe Vera Barbadensis Miller, the most potent of the 200 species of the plant.

Another leap of faith was calling. Knowing that success requires sacrifice, they answered with abandon. Propelled by their positivity and passion for something more, they started their own company. They called it L’BRI PURE n’ NATURAL, a name derived from combining “Linda” and “Brian.” They knew this was a path to a better life for their family and others like them.

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